Riding School

Staff Backs

Riding horses is truly a sport open to all. With a stunning selection of horses to suit riders of all abilities, Our aim is to provide exceptional service, teaching and facilities to enable enjoyment and progression for all riders at any stage of experience.

As is the case with any new skill it is important to learn correctly from experienced staff, in a secure environment, and as safely as possible. Brookhouse Farm Riding School and its staff have taught many hundreds of pupils to ride, some of whom have gone on to have equine careers, and some who have represented their country at international level. Brookhouse Farm offers structured and progressive lessons with our instructors constantly assessing their pupil’s needs and progress, it really does not matter how long it takes, what level you aspire to, or whether you just want to have fun. The staff and horses at Brookhouse farm are committed to providing an excellent and friendly service, which will enable our clients to enjoy their riding experience, and increase their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the horse.